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Help Disney's latest hero to become a great chef


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Ratatouille is another product of Disney's collaboration with Pixar. This time round, the hero is Remy, a mouse who dreams of becoming a great chef.

The action takes place in Paris, or more specifically, inside the restaurant where he works, Linguini. Here, Remy who helps prepare delicious meals without his co-workers ever knowing about it.

The scenarios in Ratatouille are virtually the same as those in the film and have been organized around six different worlds.

There are 30 missions and mini-games you must solve, and an online game mode.

Ratatouille requires DirectX 9.0, a 1.6 GHz processor, and 512 MB of RAM on Windows Vista and 256 MB, 2 GB of disk space and 128 MB of video memory in Windows XP.
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